Neas House

About the Neas House

113 W Chestnut Street

The historic Neas House  at Chestnut and High Streets is a Georgian residence built around 1783 by Mathias Neas, a tanner who acquired six lots from his brother, George Neas, in November 1782. Many outstanding citizens were born or lived in the house over the years. One was Mathias N. Forney (1853-1908), a steam locomotive designer and engineer.

George Neas, Jr.  expanded the family interest into politics and other activities. He served as Hanover’s third postmaster from 1790 to 1813, and he was the first representative of the Borough of Hanover (known as a burgess) in 1815. He also served several terms in the state legislature. George married Catharine Slagle. George and Catherine’s daughter, Amanda Neas, was the last Neas to live in the Neas House. Amanda has left us quantities of objects from the old house through her present day descendants. These objects include a priceless cookbook with 18th-19th century recipes. Amanda married her Baltimore cousin, Mathias Nace Forney, who helped found the Hanover Savings Fund Society, which became the Bank of Hanover, and later, PNC.

The Neas House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. It contains household goods, period furniture and personal items of the Neas family. With faux-finished woodwork in the style of the era, there are nine rooms, nine fireplaces and a fully furnished warming kitchen with exposed timbers.

Touring the Neas House

Open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from April through October from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. and otherwise by appointment. Only the rooms on the first floor are open to visitors or for special activities. Check the calendar for new events.

Neas House Fees: Free; donations are encouraged.

Contact the Office for more information at 717-632-3207.

Neas House Parking, Accessibility, Restrooms

Parking: Reserved parking for visitors, school buses and the handicapped, located just off W Chestnut Street.

Wheelchair Access: A wheelchair access ramp is located behind the Neas House leading from the Society’s parking lot.

Restrooms: Neas House provides a restroom.