Special Collections/Exhibits

special collections

HAHS has been accepting Hanover’s artifacts since 1965. In 2021, we finally were able to put many of them on display in the Hanover Area History Museum®. Many more remain in storage. We invite you to view some of our special collections shown here. Some objects shown are on display in the Museum, so come visit us in person when you can!

Hats Off to History

HAHS has an extensive hat collection Eighty hats from our collection or on loan were on display at the Neas House in the spring of 2022.

ANTIQUE Flat Irons

Before electric irons, flat irons – also called “sad irons” – were used to smooth the wrinkles out of clothes. HAHS has an extensive collection of these irons. Click the button to learn why they were called “sad irons” and check out the almost 30 photos!

Clausen Flag Collection

coming collections